Goeins-Williams Associates

Goeins-Williams Associates

Organizational Development

  • Action Planning
  • Assessment
  • Collaboration Project Planning
  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Non Profit Capacity Building
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic Planning

Research and Evaluation

  • Focus Groups
  • Interview Studies
  • Management reviews and assessments
  • Program Evaluation



Career Skills Development

  • Customized training (Cultural Awareness and Diversity, Leadership, Team building, Time Management and more)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Non Profit Board Governance
  • Paper, online assessments and trainer's kits

Speaker Services

  • Motivational and inspirational speaker services
  • Topics: Business and career success, diversity, leadership

Statement of Qualifications and Experience


Goeins-Williams Associates (GWA), Inc. is in its twenty sixth year of operation as an independent management consulting business with services to improve organizational and individual performance, headquartered in the State of Delaware. The company was founded in 1986 by Dr. Devona E. G. Williams, President/CEO, and incorporated in 1995. GWA highly qualified consulting associates offer a broad range of expertise to clients. GWA is a certified WBE/MBE by the Delaware Office of Management & Budget. GWA is a partner of Wiley Publishing (Formerly Inscape Publishing) training and learning materials. In 2009 GWA was named a Top 100 MBE in the region and received the Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award in June 2000.

In May 2006, Dr. Williams was named Outstanding Woman in Business and received the NAWBO Member of the Year Award by the Denver Business Journal. In August 2005, Dr. Williams was named a Outstanding Consultant by the Denver Business Journal's Outstanding Women in Business Award. The Delaware Today Magazine named Dr. Williams one of the top 37 women in business in December 2005. In November 2001, Dr. Williams received the Diamond Award from the Delaware Government Marketing Assistance Program. In October 2000, Dr. Williams was named Small Business Person of the Year by the Minority Business Opportunity Council and the Delaware Reinvestment Action Council.


GWA focuses on People, Process and Performance™ and helps clients develop strategies to meet organizational and individual goals and achieve lasting results. GWA offers a range of management consulting services, innovative seminars and products to corporate, government and non-profit clients. We meet the performance needs of individual careerists to fortune 500 corporations.

Business Services

GWA is a full service firm with "one-stop shopping" providing the highest quality of service to our customers:

  • Strategic Planning, Strategy and Organizational Development: Performance improvement, retreats, meeting facilitation, action planning, collaboration development, capacity building. 
  • Professional Skills Training, Development and Assessment: Customized on-site workshops, Webinars and performance coaching on the following topics: attitudes, non profit board governance, behavioral style/conflict, change management and innovation, communication, diversity, leadership, team building, time management, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Research and Evaluation: Organizational assessments, focus groups, online surveys, structured interviews, survey research.
  • Public Policy and Issues Management: Best practice research, public policy issues assessment, strategy development, social policy planning and analysis.
  • Training materials for organizations and individuals: Wiley Publishing products (including paper and on-line assessments, training kits and software addressing contemporary workplace topics) and GWA's Spice of Life Diversity Card Deck training tool and related products.
  • Speaker Services: inspirational and business keynote speaking on leadership, diversity, entrepreneurship, and success. 

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

GWA provides a range of strategic planning and organizational development activities. These services include the conduct of needs assessments to determine organizational issues and desired outcomes. GWA facilitates strategic planning, collaborative planning, or action planning sessions or retreats for work groups, teams and boards of directors. Groups range in size from 5 to 150 participants. GWA designs agendas for planning meetings and summarizes the discussions and agreements reached during the facilitated meetings into written reports that are promptly delivered to the client in several formats including email. GWA writes strategic plans, action plans, consults and assists clients with on-site implementation activities. Selected clients include:

  • American Association for Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Arc of Delaware
  • AstraZeneca
  • Canine Partners for Life
  • Children's Beach House
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Christina Cultural Arts Center
  • City of Wilmington
  • Colonial School District 
  • DART United We Ride Project
  • Diabetes Control and Prevention (DE Division of Public Health)
  • Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc.
  • Delaware Children's Museum
  • Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council 
  • Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living (DE Division of Public Health)
  • Delaware Commission for Women
  • Delaware Department of Labor
  • Delaware Division of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Mental Health
  • Delaware Economic Development Office
  • Delaware Futures, Inc.
  • Delaware Head Start Collaboration Project
  • Delaware Housing Coalition
  • Delaware Human Relations Commission
  • Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education
  • Delaware Read A-Loud
  • Delaware State University
  • DelMarVa Rural Ministries
  • Denver Rubber Company
  • Diamond State Port Corporation
  • DuPont Central Research
  • Eastside Charter School, Inc.
  • First Robotics, Inc.
  • Governor’s Council on Hispanic Affairs
  • Health Equity Consortium
  • Help Me Grow, Division of Public Health
  • Housing Authority City of Annapolis
  • Ingleside Retirement Homes, Inc.
  • Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League
  • Mid Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers
  • National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, Delaware Chapter
  • Read Aloud Delaware
  • Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, Inc.
  • St. Agnes Medical Center
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation - Philadelphia Affiliate
  • Thomas Edison Charter School
  • Tobacco Prevention and Control, (DE Division of Public Health)
  • United Cerebral Palsy of Delaware
  • West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution
  • Westside Health, Inc.
  • Wilmington Healthy Start
  • Wilmington Housing Authority
  • Wilmington Housing Partnership
  • Virginia Head Start Collaboration Project
  • YWCA of New Castle County

Interpersonal Skills Training and Organizational Development

GWA provides customized interpersonal skills training, professional development services and training materials for individuals on a selected basis and a range of organizations. Services include: conducting training needs assessments, designing training programs/curriculum or other interventions to meet organizational performance improvement needs, facilitating training on site or via the Internet.

Training programs incorporate the use of personal assessment instruments (paper and online) in customized training programs. Consulting and training workshops and seminars are offered most often in areas of attitudes, behavioral style, communications, change management and innovation, diversity, leadership, performance, stress management, team building and time management. GWA has more than 50 training programs that can be customized to meet specific development needs. GWA provides follow up training services to reinforce development opportunities for employees and will develop pre and post tests to measure training impact if desired. Training can be delivered to groups as small as 5 to as large as 500. Individualized performance coaching services are offered on a limited basis. Selected clients include:

  • Appoquinimink School District
  • AstraZeneca
  • BTI Americas, Inc.
  • Cecil Community College Leadership Institute
  • Cecil County School District
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Christiana Health Care System
  • Conectiv
  • Criminal Justice Council
  • Delaware Community Foundation
  • Delaware Department of Administrative Services
  • Delaware Department of State
  • Delaware Department of Transportation
  • Delaware Division of Public Health
  • Delaware Economic Development Office
  • Delaware Division of Social Services
  • Delaware Office of Early Learning
  • Delaware Office of State Personnel
  • Delaware Office of Tourism
  • Delaware Psychiatric Center
  • Delaware River and Bay Authority
  • Delaware State Police
  • Delaware Technical and Community College
  • Del One Federal Credit Union
  • Denver Rubber Company
  • Diamond State Port Corporation
  • Downtown Milford, Inc.
  • DuPont
  • Girls, Inc. of Metro Denver
  • Housing Finance Association of Washington, DC
  • Incorporating Services, Inc.
  • Junior Achievement of Delaware
  • Kent County Delaware
  • Latin American Community Center, Inc.
  • LaRed Community Health Center
  • Maron Marvel Bradley & Anderson
  • Maternal and Child Health Consortium
  • MBNA
  • New Castle County
  • New Castle County Vo-Tech School District
  • On-line Consulting
  • PECO Energy
  • Red Clay Consolidated School District
  • Smyrna School District
  • St. Agnes Medical Center
  • University of Delaware
  • Urban Financial Services Corporation
  • US Facilities, Inc.
  • Washington County Head Start
  • West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution 
  • Wilmington Head Start
  • YMCA of Delaware
  • YWCA of the Mid Atlantic Region

Research and Program Evaluation, Focus Groups

GWA conducts research activities for a range of clients that include the development of assessment/measurement instruments such as surveys (paper and online), interview questionnaires and guides, and the conduct of focus groups, structured interviews, and program evaluations (including descriptive and impact), analysis and development of timely comprehensive reports with recommendations. GWA is uniquely skilled to moderate community based focus groups and these services include: planning, developing question guides, moderating discussions, and transcribing focus group discussions into written reports with recommendations. Program evaluation projects are generally related to the administration and management of public programs by government or non-profit organizations and GWA provides timely comprehensive reports. Project management involves the oversight of program evaluation and/or process management activities. Selected clients and projects include:

  • Aloyius Butler & Clark (moderation and facilitation of numerous focus health policy and campaign group studies on tobacco use, maternal and child health issues, special needs children, Affordable Care Act, healthy neighborhoods, 2005 to present)
  • Abt Associates, Inc. Bethesda, MD (focus groups of welfare clients for Delaware’s welfare reform project, 1995, 1996, 1998)
  • City of Wilmington Department of Real Estate & Housing (Consolidated Housing Plan stakeholder focus groups 1999, Quality Housing Rental Initiatives Focus Group/Interview Study 2003)
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Cultural Audit 2003, Diversity Focus Groups 2003)
  • Christina Health Care System Wilmington Healthy Start Project (teen and provider focus group studies, 1998, 1999, Infant Mortality Focus Groups 2008, Community Health Worker study 2015)
  • City of Wilmington (Wilmington Housing Partnership, focus groups, interview and planning study, 2007)
  • Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. (US Department of Education Drug Free and Safe Schools Comprehensive Evaluation with pre/post tests, focus group studies, 2008-2010, State Farm Youth Advisory Council Program Evaluation, 2010)
  • DART United We Ride Project (Transportation System Assessment, Framework for Action, 2005-2006)
  • Division of Art (Interview and Evaluation Study of Technical Assistance Program for Non Profit Grantees, 2004)
  • DE Division of Social Services (Welfare Reform Focus Groups, 1998)
  • DE Division of Public Health (teen focus groups on sexual preventive health programs July 2000; Diabetes Control and Prevention Office, Strategic Plan and Plan Update 2003/2004, Statewide Assessment 2004; Office of Minority Health HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Evaluations 2004, 2005, Governor's Health Disparities Task Force Interview and Consumer Focus Group Study 2006, East Wilmington Maternal and Child Health Focus Group Study 2014, Statewide Health Equity Focus Group Study 2015)
  • DE Economic Development Office (Organizational Assessment and online employee satisfaction survey, 2005 and 2006)
  • DE Prevention Network (key stakeholder focus group project Summer 2000)
  • DE Food Bank of Delaware (stakeholder focus groups 1999)
  • Delaware Joint Finance Committee (Project Manager: Adults with Physical Disabilities Study 2002)
  • DE Office of Management and Budget (Online Employee Satisfaction Survey with pre/post test, 2005-2006)
  • Easter Seals of DelMarva Peninsula (Competitive Analysis Market Study 2002)
  • Grand Opera House (DE) (Community Focus Groups 1997, 1998)
  • Jazz Reach Initiative (Regional focus group and marketing study for Jazz audience and venue development Summer 2000)
  • Junior Achievement of Delaware, Inc. (Collaboration study, 1997: management review and annual program evaluation, JA Project 21 Program, 1993-1996, parent focus group study 2001)
  • Jazz Reach Initiative (Regional focus group and marketing study for Jazz audience and venue development Summer 2000)
  • Lutheran Community Services (Survey Research and Focus Group Study 2002)
  • Real Estate Strategies (Downtown Revitalization Survey and Focus Group Study for the City of Wilmington 2002; Focus Group Study Baltimore Housing Authority 2004)
  • Red Clay School District (Comprehensive Organizational Assessment, focus group, interview and best practices study, 2007)
  • St. Agnes Medical Center Healthy Communities Initiative (Asset Mapping Study 2002)
  • Transportation Management Association of New Castle County (DE) (Membership survey, 1995)
  • University of Delaware Center for Community Development & Family Policy (Statewide Community Needs Assessment focus group study 1999)
  • US Facilities, Inc., Employee Interview Studies 2015, 2016
  • Women's Bean Project (Denver,CO) Evaluated and designed new outcome measures, evaluation tools and revised logic model for the women's development/enterprise program (October 2005)
  • Workforce Development Council, Office of the Lt. Governor (DE), (Customer Focus Groups, 1998)
  • World Ways Maternal and Child Health Statewide Focus Group Study (DE) 2013
  • YMCA (DE) Resource Center (Impact Evaluation Suspension/Expulsion Project, 1997, 1998, 1999; Employee Survey 1998, Back on Track Alternative Youth Offenders Project Program Evaluations, 1997, 1998, 1999, New Castle Middle Schools Violence Prevention Program Evaluation, 1999; Strong Leaders Program Evaluation, 1999; Hand to Hand Program Evaluation 1998)
  • YMCA of the USA (Evaluation Hand to Hand Youth Job Readiness Project, 1998)
  • YWCA of the Mid Atlantic Region (Focus Group Study of small businesses to determine business case for cultural diversity training program, 2005)

Public Policy and Issues Management

GWA conducts short and long term research projects on public policy issues. This work includes best practices and public policy analysis, legislative research and monitoring and management of public policy issues. GWA tracks the progress of local, regional and national issues and develops position papers for clients. Selected clients that have used these services include:

  • AstraZeneca
  • DART United We Ride Project
  • Delaware Department of Health & Social Services
  • Delaware House of Representatives
  • Delaware Economic Development Office
  • Delaware Office of Early Learning
  • Delaware Transportation Authority
  • DuPont Central Research
  • Delaware McDonald's Owner Operator's Association
  • DeLuz Management, Inc.
  • DuPont Central Research and Development
  • Golin/Harris Communications, Inc.


Training and Professional Development
GWA conducts training needs assessments to determine training and development interventions needed to increase performance and achieve desired results for organizations and individuals. G
WA's development  program helps individuals and organizations develop skills needed to manage more effectively in dynamic work environments.

GWA offers a number of career skill development training workshops in areas of: communication; cultural diversity; entrepreneurship; management and leadership; organization; personal development; and team building. Workshops and Webinars are customized to meet client needs and can be blended or combined to meet unique development needs.

The quality training provided by GWA, Inc. and our learning assessments and tools can help your organization meet the challenges of complex work environments and increase both organizational and personal performance. Comprehensive handouts are provided for all training.

Master Trainers: Dr. Devona E. G. Williams, President/CEO, GWA and associate trainers are available to co-facililtate or lead sessions depending on the needs of the organization.

Fast paced, interactive discussion for adult learners
-Use of LCD projector slides, flip charts
-Comprehensive handouts
-Online and paper learning assessments
-Individual, paired and group

For Free consultation:
Dr. Devona Williams, Principal Goeins-Williams Associates, Inc. Phone: 302-659-1099 or E-Mail:
GWA, Inc. is a certified member the State of Delaware Office of MBE/WBE Enterprise and is an authorized distributor of Wiley Publishing.

Available Training Programs Using Learning Assessments
Learning assessments help participants discover and learn more effectively.  Assessments are available online, offering comprehensive personalized feedback for later reference.  Online assessments save class time and provide a basis for group data. 

GWA blended training programs that use assessment learning are listed below:

Communication: Understand Your Listening Approach

Leadership: Work of Leaders 

Personal Behavioral Style, Conflict, Teamwork: Everything DISC 

Team building: Valuing Your Contribution to Team Success

Time Management: How to Manage Your Time More Effectively 

Many of our training products and materials are shown on the products tab of this website; for course outlines, materials or volume pricing please contact us.

GWA's comprehensive list of training programs are listed below:


  • Behavioral Style Awareness
  • Understand Your Listening Approach

Cultural Diversity

  • Appreciating Differences
  • Building Bridges To Understanding


  • How to Put Your Dream into Action
  • Pluses and Pitfalls of Product Development
  • Strategically Planning Your Business

Management and Leadership

  • High Performance Supervision
  • Strategic Planning 101
  • Strategically Planning Your Business
  • Work of Leaders


  • Goal Setting
  • How to Conduct Successful Focus Groups
  • How to Manage Time More Effectively

Personal Development

  • Understanding Conflict and Managing Behavior
  • Workplace Professionalism

Team Building

  • Understanding Personal Style
  • Valuing Your Contribution to Team Success

Here's What Participants Have to Say About GWA Workshops...

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge in 'Stepping Into Leadership'.  This class will prepare me to me more knowledgeable and improve my leadership skills"

"The most valuable information I gained was improving my relationship with my boss" 

"I enjoyed the open discussions and Devona Williams input on different topics"

"Devona had great suggestions, also had thorough concept of worker relations.  I am now setting my goals"

"I am communicating effectively with my boss"

" I am looked upon for information that no one else seems to have!"

" I have been able to better establish winning relationships with my boss and co-workers"

" I have learned to manage my time more effectively"

" Enjoyed entire training session. Devona was great!"

"The courses prepared me for my annual review"

"Devona does a good job teaching how to be successful"

"...appreciate the handouts; plan to hang around the house for motivation"

"Devona was enthusiastic, well prepared and managed the flow of information and discussion in a very informative manner"

"Format was great considering time limitations. The end result demonstrates it was spent wisely"

"Thanks for the wonderful, upbeat approach to facilitating"

"Well done. A very supportive and sharing experience"

"The overall content excellent, exactly on target in terms of what the board and staff needed

"Facilitator very skilled in keeping us on task and moving forward"

"The workshop opened my eyes to different areas in my work. It helped me to realize how important team effort is"

"Very good approach. Materials well organized and workshop and group exercises very helpful"

"I thought the training was insightful, and valuable. I learned a lot.

Overall...excellent. Thank-you! 



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